Taqueria La Placita

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The power of small is represented inside this small location. It might not look like much to you, but Taquería La Placita has owned its own title of the Best Tacos in Town. The lines outside this location during lunch time are so big, that even though the owner had no intention to offer Online Orders, The Hei Hispanic Agency provided the kind of website this powerful taquería needed to catch up with demand. That was a very important step and the community has appreciated the convenience of placing the online order and waiting in line just for pick up. In addition The Hei designed the convenient folded card-carry out menu that fits in your pocket, and the menu light boxes or menu boards inside that facilitates ordering speed.

Some customers only need a few tools, like Taquería La Placita, that needed a suitable website, a photography session, design and printing of the carry out menu and the menu board. The Hei welcomes such customers. If you don’t need a big campaign but a small strategy to increase your productivity, don’t hesitate to contact us to begin a conversation.

Order Online!

Websites are nothing new for us, and I’m sure they’re nothing new for you either. We have created an online menu for customers to freely order from wherever they have internet. Check out our work for them and check out their food for you!