Our History

Where It Began for Us

God gave us the idea to start the business back in April of 1999. Now, after hearing that statement, it’s quite easy to think that we are a “religious company.” However, that is far from the case; we are simply a company that works with the values of honesty and servitude that allows us to be the best workers we can be to meet the needs of others. We built this company from the ground up with the simple, yet completely astounding word from God to step into a field that we were entirely unfamiliar with. And after years of turmoil, trial, and difficulty, we are thankful to say that we have 24 years of successful business. Within those years of business, we’ve been able to assist in the growth of plenty prosperous Hispanic businesses all alongside the eastern coast of the United States. The success of our business comes from our capability of duality; as fluent bilingual speakers of English and Spanish, we provide the advantage of not only communicating to the Latin market, but understanding it. On top of that, because of our understanding of the American culture, we have become capable of tapping into both. So with that being said, we invite you to contact us with your ideas, dreams, and visions for your business that will allow you to explode into the marketplace sooner rather than later. We desire to help you and your business flourish in your environment because at the end of the day, we want to build a relationship with you, not a transaction.

What Does the "Hei" Truly Mean?

The name “Hei” is derived from the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Unlike the American or Spanish alphabet that we are traditionally accustomed to, the letters within the Hebrew alphabet all come with a certain level of meaning. And with that understanding, it is helpful to see that they are much more than a simple letter used to construct words. The design of the Hei is comprised of a dalet: a horizontal line signifying width and a vertical line signifying height, which represents the physical world. The yud (the detached left leg) represents God/spirituality. In the way that the dalet and the yud come together to create the Hei, so too, one has an obligation to imbue and sanctify the physical world with spirituality and Godliness. The Hei is composed of three lines which represent thought, speech, and action. The top line (thought) represents equality and how we should focus on the core of a person, which is their soul. And through that, we will acknowledge that we are all equal in our essence and that we are one. The right line represents speech; the line of thought, thereafter descends to express one’s thoughts and inner feeling to others. The left line represents action; because it is easy for us to think and speak about what is right, but it is quite another thing to bring those good intentions into fruition. On top of the deconstruction of the letter, the Hei also has a numerical significance to it. Hei means five, which signifies a total of five elements: two levels of thought (imaginative and meditative), two levels of speech (the words of the heart and lips), and one level of action. They speak of only one level of action for the simple reason that you either do something, or you don’t. So we make sure to do.