A Food Service that Serves Up a Good Time

At first glance this looks like an event, and you would be correct! However, do you know who hosted and curated said event? La Sirenita! La Sirentia Mexican Restaurant has earned an amazing reputation throughout the decades. It is a place with consistent values of product, quality, and service. The Hei Hispanic Agency was able to provide the pack that La Sirenita needed in order to accomplish that. In addition to this, the owner is always connected with the community. She enjoys supporting cultural events of her beloved Mexico. She and her team take the extra mile to get involved in such gatherings to make her authentic Mexican food available for others to savor. We as a company, thoroughly enjoy communities and are always reaching out to them: to support our customers, their communities, and their goals.

Good Food +Good Show =
Great Time!

How many restaurants can you think of that are so connected with their community that they’re willing to throw events such as these just to bring people together? Thankfully we were honored to be apart of the many people that attended this event and were able to capture the action, the community, and the food! Take a look for yourself!

What Food Do You Think Was Provided?

Food is a huge make or break when it comes to events, and thankfully La Sirenita catered to this event with much flavor! Recognize any of these dishes? If they’re unfamiliar to you then it’s time to make them familiar! Check out the digital menu we were able to create for them!

Memorize the Menu!

Even though most of this food wasn’t made available to the event, it still gives you the chance to check out the options that they do have and see how The Hei was able to create and organize a menu that excelled in the expectations that it was meant for! If you’re in the area then La Sirenita is an absolute must see and eat!

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Sea What Delicious Items Lie Ahead!

As if photos of food, photos of events, and menu design isn’t enough, go ahead and view the website we were able to create for La Sirenita! We can help with ALL of your needs too!