La Chocita

We'll Bring Home to Wherever You Are

In a country where restaurants seem to bloom like flowers in the fields, it’s interesting how hard it is to find a restaurant that makes you feel at home. There always seems to be a lack of a good combination between taste and quality of food, atmosphere, decoration, waiters, cooks, etc. At “La Chocita”, they desire to provide that balance. The owner of this restaurant takes great pride of bringing in amazing wood art all the way from Mexico for the tables, the chairs, and all of the decorations! So everything else inside the restaurant is extremely important to him. He hired The Hei to provide that part of the puzzle, the professional look of anything related to its huge and tasty food menu: video reels playing on television screens, social media, professional photography, menu boards, table menus, carry outs, business cards, website, and everything that one may need to successfully run and promote a blooming business. 

We'll Focus on Your Business Just as Much as You Do!

Detail is important to you and yet you are yet to find the agency that can take care of your list of specifications, the agency with the understanding of fine points… We can help you in that capacity. We are going to display the same level of passion that you have in your business because we’re here for your success in every step of the way. Why would you want to work with someone who won’t love your business as much as you do? Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Initiate the first step and contact us so that we can do the rest.

We Love Restaurants & They Love Websites!

If you can’t tell, we have a thing for working with restaurants. We’re not limited to just fine eatery but it’s always a special treat to work with an up-and-coming eating establishment. 

Check out the webpage and content that we were able to create for La Chocita!

Hopefully You'll Be Hungry

If you developed an appetite while watching this digital menu, then that means our work was a success! Allow The Hei to fulfill that craving of having more video content to work with for your business!

If You're Still Here then You're Still Curious!

It’s free to reach out and ask questions! Who doesn’t love free? Capitalize on the opportunity and see what can be done!