Faith Landmarks Ministries

It Takes Faith to Make Things Work!

Faith Landmarks Ministries, founded by Randy and Cherie Gilbert, is located in our amazing Richmond, VA. This multi-branch Ministry continues to flourish in all they do locally, nationally, and abroad. FLM, as it is affectionately known, needed a strategy to provide a consistent look and communication across all its different departments/branches, social media platforms, websites, annual printed campaigns, mensual bulletin, etc. The Hei was able to do that year after year. They spoke to us about what it is they wanted done and we made it happen. How wonderful it is when there is a beautiful flow of communication: the communication is whole, the work flow becomes easier, and the art design is appreciated and understood. The results are fruitful! Perhaps that’s what your organization or company needs: the missing flow. We invite you to start a dialogue with us!

Project Variety Will Never Be an Issue

The beauty of being in this business for so long, is that we are capable of meeting any type of design need because we HAVE already done it at one point. Whether it be: brochures, fliers, posters, graphics, logos, or even magazines, it is within our catalog. Don’t let an idea of yours become idle because you feel like you can’t make it come to life, that’s exactly what we are for and it is exactly how we will help. Come to us with your unique vision and watch us execute your thoughts into tangible works!

Contact Us About Contact TV!

In an effort to reach God in more than one platform, it was well understood that a website would execute that desire with much achievement. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to help FLM reach that goal with

Let’s reach your goals too and build a site for you that will bring new life to your business!