About Us

Previously JC & Jacques Hispanic Advertising Multimedia llc.

First of all…


It’s our focus on creativity that brings results. Our ideas, talents and creativity come from above. Therefore, they are original. They are not copies of someone else’s jobs. That puts our company in the mouth of our customers, who don’t only keep seeking our services but also recommend us to other companies and individuals.


Second of all…


We value talent over experience. Why? Because experience does what it’s expected to do and tends to follow what’s told, leaving small room for creativity. But you take talent and it thinks, analyzes, and creates before you even get a chance to speak. Therefore, we don’t just provide design, advertising, printing products and services. We create ideas that any market of any culture will look at, will remember and will consume.




It’s our strength in the Latino Market. We know our people and our language. We know what they are looking for and what they need. If you are seeking to successfully expand your company by getting into the Hispanic world, our portfolio speaks for itself.


Why The Hei Hispanic Agency Inc.?


Let the definition of these words tell you why

Honest: Upright and fair. Genuine and real

Creative: Having the power to create

Dynamic: Productive activity

Fruitful: Producing good and abundant results

Innovative: Original and creative in thinking

100% BILINGUAL (Spanish & English): speaking two languages, thinking two languages, accurately using two languages